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All visitors must be at least 21 years of age.

All admissions and memberships are provisional and subject to cancellation for cause at the sole discretion of management.


All guests must report to the office to register and pay grounds fees. First time visitors must fill out our "Guest Registration and Liability Waiver". All guests must present a valid driver's license and a Visa or Mastercard for security purposes. Members are expected to register by Key-Card each visit so we will know who is on the grounds.

Daily grounds fee cover the hours from 10:00AM until 7:00PM. All non-member day visitors must be off the grounds by 7:00PM. Failure to observe this rule could result in loss of future privileges to use the park. 


Persons paying overnight fees must leave the grounds by 11:00 AM the following day or additional grounds fees may be charged. 


Potential members are encouraged to visit at least two (2) times. Membership is subject to the approval of the Management.

Membership may be extended to all people from a variety of diverse backgrounds.


All passenger vehicles should be parked in the designated parking areas only. Visitors using recreation vehicles for overnight stays should receive parking instructions at the office.


Above all else, treat your fellow visitor with respect. Act and speak in a manner for which an apology will never be needed.

Visitors are not required to share personal information with anyone. Any information shared is at the sole discretion of each visitor.

This is a nudist club, not a clothing optional club. The comfort enjoyed by all is derived from the freedom and acceptance the nudist lifestyle represents. Everyone benefits from the practice of social nudity, and everyone is expected to participate whenever conditions warrant. 

It is imperative that everyone sits on a towel at all times. Visitors are expected to bring their own towels.

Food and beverages are not available to purchase on site. Coolers are permitted. Alcoholic beverages are permitted at the Ranch, but obvious intoxication is strictly PROHIBITED and is grounds for expulsion from the park. (No fees will be refunded.)

The use of any ILLEGAL DRUG is strictly FORBIDDEN. Any infraction of this rule will result in removal from the grounds and termination of membership. (No fees will be refunded.)

Overt sexual behavior, or the appearance of overt sexual behavior, is unacceptable. If anyone's behavior offends you, please report it to management immediately. This is grounds for expulsion from the park. (No fees will be refunded.)


Due to Rockingham County's noise ordinance, quiet time will be observed from 10:00PM until 8:00AM. Failure to observe this quiet period will result in expulsion from the grounds and may result in loss of future use of the park.

The management requires the full compliance of members and guests with the rules.

Any infringement of rules should be reported to the management by members or guests.

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