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  •  Weather at The Ranch
    Conditions as of
    24 minutes ago
    Temp: 43 °F 
    Rel hum: 49 % 
    Winds calm.

     About the Ranch
    Bar S Ranch is a clothing free country club and resort located on 400 acres of gently rolling meadows and woodlands. Come enjoy our dream. Leave the stresses and pressures of life behind while you relax in the tranquility, security and privacy you will find at the Bar S Ranch.

     Common Hesitations
  • Everyone will be staring at me!
    - If you walk through a mall nude, people certainly would. Here everyone is nude and it is highly unlikely.

  • I'm (pick one) - too fat, too skinny, etc.
    - Our members are not beauty queen or Greek gods, just ordinary people like you.

  • What if someone I know is there?
    - If they are here, they are nude also. Now you have something else in common.

  • What if someone finds out I'm a nudist?
    - We go to great lengths to protect the privacy of our members and guests. Nudism is really not anything to be ashamed of; it is practiced worldwide.

  •  Contact Us
    313 Bar -S- Trail
    Reidsville, NC 27320
    Email: office@bar-s-ranch.com

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    The Latest:
    on Mon., August 10, 2015 (1786 reads)

    Once upon a time,(actually August 8th), a large group of bares were sunning themselves by the pool. Throughout the Ranch, other bares were enjoying various activities and a calmness was felt throughout the land. Paddle boat races had been completed, Silver Bare Don and Mr. Bill Bare were working in the koi pond taking out a pump to be used in the lake and all was well.

    UNTIL...the tranquility was disturbed and the excitement rose to an all time high.

    Three of our Trail Blazing Bares rushed to the pool to inform Mama Bare that there was a bear meandering through the meadow, stopping at Silver Bare's truck to sniff the dog food in the back and headed between his cabin and the woods behind his cabin. About that time, Mama Bare jumped up and saw the BEAR running across the dam. Shouting "BEAR, BEAR, there goes the bear," all of the sunning bares rushed to see the large bear rambling across the dam between the koi pond and the large house across the lake. Techno Bare rushed to the lake shouting "BEAR, BEAR" across the lake to warn Silver Bare and Mr. Bill Bare. Unaware of the excitement and unable to hear, Silver Bare asked Mr. Bill Bare, "Why do they want to know if we want a BEER now?" It was only later that they were informed that they were in close proximity of the rambling bear. Immersed in their project and the muck of the pond, they didn't even see the bear.

    Sista Bare was chastised for squealing at the bear by Brudder Bare, Mama Bare was told not to chase the bear and the tent campers were warned to be careful that night. Unfortunately, since the bares aren't supposed to have their cameras with them, no pictures were taken of the Bear but there are enough bare eye witnesses that the presence of the bear can't be disputed.

    Oh what fun, what a thrill, and what a tale to tell.

    Other News and Information:

    The Latest:
    Things To Do at the Bar-S-Ranch
    on Sun., June 14, 2015 (1066 reads)

    Things To Do At The Bar ~S~ Ranch

    Read More... | 2446 bytes more

    Other News and Information:

     Upcoming Events
    - 5/28 Memorial Day Weekend

     Bar S Hours of Operation
    For Bar S- Ranch Key Card Members, the ranch is open year-round twenty-four hours a day.

    Prospective-member guest(s) may enter the Ranch during normal business hours only and may stay up till 9:00 PM* . All Prospective-member guest(s) seeking admission to Bar -S- Ranch must have a valid Discover, MasterCard or Visa. This is required as a security deposit for Gate Key Card.

    Office Hours
    Saturday & Sunday, 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM Late April thru Labor Day

    *Unless having paid to stay overnight.

    Traveling Non-Member Guests may make arrangements for entry at other than normal business hours by calling the office (336-394-4722) and prepaying one days grounds fees and camping fees.

     In Memoriam
    On October 7, 2014, the cofounder of the Bar S Ranch, Harvey Ellis Stewart, Jr. passed away at Baptist Memorial Hospital. He was born on November 23,1940 and spent most of his life promoting the nudist lifestyle. Ellis started the Dixie Sun Club in Georgia before moving to North Carolina. Ellis and Wanda purchased the first 200 acres of the Ranch and used it for cattle farming for several years before opening the Bar S Ranch in 1989. Several charter members gathered by the lake and floated in inner tubes before the first clubhouse was built. An additional 200 acres was purchased, another clubhouse built and the Ranch became one of the largest landed clubs (in acreage) in the United States.

    The Bar S Ranch will continue to thrive under new management and the legacy will be preserved.


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